Hi, I’m Andrew Vuong.
Developer, Entrepreneur, Tech Fascinated,
Med School Dropout.

I had initially wanted to pursue medicine and become a physician because my father passed away from chronic illnesses when I was fourteen. I didn’t want any other children to have to go through my childhood without a father and a parent without their partner.

I realized during my time in medicine that healthcare is an incredibly inefficient and passive world. I would be limited in how I may help people by the control of others who benefit from stagnation and inefficiency. The only way to truly bring about meaningful changes in healthcare is through disruptive technology.

My purpose in life is to help substantially reduce suffering and fear that comes from diseases and illnesses. My vision that I left medical school for and that I am building towards will bring about a new form of healthcare delivery through technology. I want to be a part of creativity and innovation that will progress humanity.

Going forward

In my free time, I love cooking, biking, reading, and learning anything, particularly history, space, technology, and why things are the way they are. I also enjoy exploring new places and cultures.

I am very interested in healthcare, wearables, IoT, and A.I.

I hope you enjoy following my high hopes, exciting journey into uncertainty.

I’ve taken a leap of faith and have not quite landed yet. I hope I can be of great use to this world when I do.