Journey into LLM and AI Art

I want to be a creator

It seems like there are many people creating their own custom LLM and AI art today, about 10 months after ChatGPT-3.0 surprised and changed the world. It felt like magic to literally the whole world and spur such great interest, innovation, investments, competition when the world was in a vulnerable state with high inflation, layoffs, and economic turmoil. This magic gave hope.

The tipping point where I felt comfortable enough to embark on my journey from observer to creator was being introduced to and seeing so many people there casually discussing and practicing LLM. Beautiful AI art has also popped up and taken a lot of space from traditional art on and IG.

So thank you to all the creators out there putting your work up, you’ve inspired me by making it seem doable and accessible. If so many people can do it, why can’t I?

This marks the start of my journey to learn and create LLMs and AI art.